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On Reserving for The Games

'ere mun! 

fought we'd already done that whole going to the place wot wants you to kill people fing. Aen't really looking forward to going back, but if that's wot you want, 'pect I'll have to play along again. Aen't looking forward to this. Aen't into the killing. Don't know much, but I knows that. Anyway, you never even let me get a gun last time.

'Ponine's there though, aen't she? Aen't bothered about Maman an' Papa, but you said she wos 'aving a rough time. I'll see to her, don't you worry.

Well, best be getting me best hat on then, aen't I?
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Fought we didn't have no time for any of these game wot people keep talkin' about? Aen't you got that fink to be writtin' anyway? The long one. Wi' all the words?

[That's ... pretty much all my essays Gav]

How m' supposed to know the difference. Aen't like I c'n read yet. ... C'n' I learn t'read? I'd like t'read!
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 Cor, weren't that summat, missus? All big an' on the screen an'


Mayor of Saint Michel, me. Lived in the Elephant an' ruled from there, I did. Ain't nothing to be worrying 'bout. ... 'Cept, well, ... that bit weren't so great. But life is as life does, eh, got ta keep movin' on otherwise ye'll be dust in the street. 

Now, I gave you somefink, you got somefink fer me? 
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On the Movie Not Being Out in the UK Yet
 So ya ain't gonna get to see if fer another few weeks? Well, that ain't exactly all good an' shiny now. 

Least means ya can't get new icons fings fer me like ya says ya were gonna. 

... This means might see Maman and Papa, yeah? Ain't seen them in a while, meant to go visiting. 

Ah well, that's all, I'm aiming for white bread tonight, better go finds some. 
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Oh, so you remembered I exist then? Nice to see ya got yer priorities so 'igh in order. 

Re-reading'd be a good idea. Not that I c'n, but ... 

... We gonna get food soon?
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Mun has evil enabler friends, who she does love really
So ... I'm getting moved? Alright, alright, c'n deal wif this, ain't notfing so bad. ... Whassat? School? ... Ain't never been, ain't never going. An' I don't hang 'bout wif no stoopid girls neither.

Why I'm geting a new home anyways? You don't hardly ever play me, and you ain't even gotten near me in that book!

... 'Ponine? My ... Ain't like it matters none, she ain't ever cared before. I ain't going to no school, no matter what you say!

I'll rule this place before they know it, an' all. No inspector'll stop me!
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Got Some Questions For Ya!
Alright mun? Coupla questions. First ... what's the deal with my sc.. scr... that thing "[ profile] top_oftheclass"

[It's from one of the songs in relation to you...]

...Oh. OH! An' the city, what's with the name Patria? ... Sounds familiar actually.

[...No comment]

You know, you're not really that good at the straight answer thing. Maybe you should do that thing. Might help out.

And 'onestly, I ain't gonna be in awe of a posh kid's fancy dwellings. Just a 'ouse ain't it? M'free, he ain't. Big difference there.

'Onestly. Like you n'er even read the book.

[...erm... you're musical verse...]

Point still stands!  
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Apped at prophets_song.

How do you do?

So ... apartments. Right pretty they look, but I won't be in 'em if you get accepted? 

[Gavroche frowns just slightly, before shaking it off]

Eh, streets'll do me. What would I want with one of those big places anyway? Learn more on the streets you do, can rule the city from there.

...Hope we get in.

[[OOC: *mun flail at accent. goes to rewatch* Canon is Les Miserables]]

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