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Any comments on how I play Gavroche?
Leave them here! 
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 Credit to [personal profile] gardienne for finding the argot

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On Reserving for The Games

'ere mun! 

fought we'd already done that whole going to the place wot wants you to kill people fing. Aen't really looking forward to going back, but if that's wot you want, 'pect I'll have to play along again. Aen't looking forward to this. Aen't into the killing. Don't know much, but I knows that. Anyway, you never even let me get a gun last time.

'Ponine's there though, aen't she? Aen't bothered about Maman an' Papa, but you said she wos 'aving a rough time. I'll see to her, don't you worry.

Well, best be getting me best hat on then, aen't I?
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Name: Zara
Contact: Any of these are fine, we just need a way to contact you!
→ DW: [personal profile] werepuppyblack
→ AIM: mswerepuppyblack
→ Plurk: [ profile] werepuppy
Do you play anyone in Myth Making?: No

Name: Gavroche
Canon: Les Misérables (Mostly musical but with some novel to pad him out and some movie canon such as canon point)
Canon Point: At the barricade; after his sister has died, while he is sent on an errand to deliver a note to Cosette for Marius
Age: Roughly 9 or 10

Personality: Gavroche has once been referred to as one of the most "appealing and tender characters in fiction." Clothing wise, Gavroche always looks scruffy, described in book as wearing his father's old trousers which come down to his heels. He is also underfed, though not to any extremely obvious extent, especially when compared with his siblings. He's happy to be a street urchin - gamin - through and through, knowing the streets of Paris extremely well, and claiming the whole city as his home. His hair is longish and unkempt, very certaintly matted. He is vaguely dirty but there is an attempt to seem as though he has been cleaned recently. That isn't to say that he is clean by any standard; it is simply that he has the appearance as though his face has met with clean water at some time in the last week. Appearance wise, he can generally be described as adorable with a cheeky smile. He appears to be the leader of a group of street children, refering to them as his 'kids' and generally taking care of them as though he were already an adult. This is a good way to think of Gavroche, as he certainly doesn't see himself as a child.

Gavroche has no real care as to how the outside world sees him. He may not be able too afford to eat every single day, but if he so chooses, he goes to the theatre every night. He appears to be the eyes and ears around the slums and other areas of Paris, and can be the one to provide necessary and important information to Les Amis d'ABC, such as the death of General Lamarque. As mentioned above, he is the leader of the gang of street children, and is proven to be the most capable of the bunch. He does not show his own fear at any time, gettiing to a point where you wonder if he feels fear, and generally acts as if he owns the town. In his mind, he is the Mayor of Saint Michel, and he acts in a manner that befits his own sense of self importance.

Gavroche is also a fiercely proud revolutionary, believing in the Republic with a fervor that few adults seem able to claim. He proudy wears the tri-colour rosette each and every day, and generally seems quite capable of keeping his ear to the ground when it comes to the political situation of the city. He sees Les Amis d'ABC as friends, though he is more of a believer in 'something for you, something for me' rather than someone who begs for charity. Among the Amis he is closest to Courfeyrac or Grantaire (depending on the production), and seems to be fairly well respected by them in return for his providing information. The Amis are not Gavroche's only connection, he does have family. He is the eldest son of M. and Mme Thérnadier, and has an elder sister, Éponine. However, he doesn't really pay much mind to his family, and vice versa. He may go to see them once in a while, but he does not live with them, nor rely on them to get by in the world.

On the inside, Gavroche is very similar to the presentation he gives to the outside world. He is a happy child, bringing happiness and humanity into situations where he enters with his purity of spirit. This is shown by his actions. While everyone else in Les Misérables are hardened characters, Gavroche shows kindness to everyone he meets, once giving away a shawl that was the only thing keeping him warm in winter to a girl older than him as she appeared to be cold.

Gavroche only really has one 'enemy'; Javert, who he sees as being the complete opposite of all that he believes in; strict, unbending order in comparison to Gavroche's own unruly imaginativeness. He is one of the strongest believers in the Republic, and one of the few at the barricade who did not even need to think about leaving when offered the chance to before the shooting started. Gavroche aimed to see the thing through successfully, and he wasn't leaving until he had done so.

He is rather dissmissive of police and authority in general, be this from being a street urchin, or simply from his belief that those in power are doing nothing to help the everyday folk of France. He does not exactly believe in charity either, believing more along the lines of something for you, something for him. Whether this is a trait of being a Thérnadier isn't entirely clear, but it does appear to be a philiosophy that Gavroche follows

History: Gavroche on Wikipedia

Canon Abilities or Powers: Gavroche has no real powers or abilities, unless one considers the ability to look after himself extraordinarily well, considering his young age and that fact that he lives during one of the most turmulent times of France's history. Gavroche is a highly capable young person, able to look after not only himself, but any other kid that comes around. He is talented at being able to get money and food for himself, and rarely has to go 'on the rob'.

Fairy Tale Role: Peter Pan.
Fairy Tale Powers or Abilities: As Peter, Gavroche would be able to fly without any sort of aid. This would be amazing to Gavroche on it's on, but with it comes a sort of easy grace, the ability to move himself in a fluid like manner. Also, as Peter, Gavroche will find that his skills with a blade have rapidily improved, as Peter must be able to fight off the grown up pirates. He can also achieve a range of vocal mimicry, the best to confuse the evil pirates with.

It may also be prudent to suggest that as Pan, Gavroche would seemingly have the ability to converse with mermaids and faeries, and a strong ability to make-believe anything within reason. As he would not be in the actual Neverland, this ability would obviously be limited, and it would also be limited by Gavroche's own reluctance to believe in something so fantastical

Personal Items: Gavroche doesn't really have any personal items apart from his clothes on his back, the shoes on his feet, and his little tricolour rosette.

First Person Sample:
[The writing is filled with spelling mistakes, and uses simple words, like someone who isn't really sure how to hold a pen. There's a lot of crossed out words, and scribbles, but there's clearly an attempt at writing]

Deer Diaree,

So now I am Peetah Pan. I don't no who that is. But I can flie, which is nice, an' I kane fight which is good as wel. I dont no who Peetah Pan is, but he must be im.. impr...imoro... someone spe.. spekical as they needed a new him. An' they chose me. I am not sure how too bee Peetah Pan, but I will tri mi beast.

Now i am going to get fud.


Third Person Sample: Intro post @ The Games
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Fought we didn't have no time for any of these game wot people keep talkin' about? Aen't you got that fink to be writtin' anyway? The long one. Wi' all the words?

[That's ... pretty much all my essays Gav]

How m' supposed to know the difference. Aen't like I c'n read yet. ... C'n' I learn t'read? I'd like t'read!
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 Cor, weren't that summat, missus? All big an' on the screen an'


Mayor of Saint Michel, me. Lived in the Elephant an' ruled from there, I did. Ain't nothing to be worrying 'bout. ... 'Cept, well, ... that bit weren't so great. But life is as life does, eh, got ta keep movin' on otherwise ye'll be dust in the street. 

Now, I gave you somefink, you got somefink fer me? 
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On the Movie Not Being Out in the UK Yet
 So ya ain't gonna get to see if fer another few weeks? Well, that ain't exactly all good an' shiny now. 

Least means ya can't get new icons fings fer me like ya says ya were gonna. 

... This means might see Maman and Papa, yeah? Ain't seen them in a while, meant to go visiting. 

Ah well, that's all, I'm aiming for white bread tonight, better go finds some. 
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Oh, so you remembered I exist then? Nice to see ya got yer priorities so 'igh in order. 

Re-reading'd be a good idea. Not that I c'n, but ... 

... We gonna get food soon?
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Mun has evil enabler friends, who she does love really
So ... I'm getting moved? Alright, alright, c'n deal wif this, ain't notfing so bad. ... Whassat? School? ... Ain't never been, ain't never going. An' I don't hang 'bout wif no stoopid girls neither.

Why I'm geting a new home anyways? You don't hardly ever play me, and you ain't even gotten near me in that book!

... 'Ponine? My ... Ain't like it matters none, she ain't ever cared before. I ain't going to no school, no matter what you say!

I'll rule this place before they know it, an' all. No inspector'll stop me!
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Got Some Questions For Ya!
Alright mun? Coupla questions. First ... what's the deal with my sc.. scr... that thing "[ profile] top_oftheclass"

[It's from one of the songs in relation to you...]

...Oh. OH! An' the city, what's with the name Patria? ... Sounds familiar actually.

[...No comment]

You know, you're not really that good at the straight answer thing. Maybe you should do that thing. Might help out.

And 'onestly, I ain't gonna be in awe of a posh kid's fancy dwellings. Just a 'ouse ain't it? M'free, he ain't. Big difference there.

'Onestly. Like you n'er even read the book.

[...erm... you're musical verse...]

Point still stands!  
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Your Muse: Gavroche. Also on the behalf of Eponine [ profile] trees_are_bare  
Muse Wanted: Any Les Misérables character! Gavroche would like the Amis best, but any welcome and wanted ^^ Would also like to say, since it is a multi theatre/musical fandom comm, that any characters from other shows are welcome too!
Community: [ profile] prophets_song  
Fandom: Les Misérables.
Canon: Canon. Gavroche is taken from when he has scaled the barricade, before his death.
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Play
Contact via: Here work's fine.
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Apped at prophets_song.

How do you do?

So ... apartments. Right pretty they look, but I won't be in 'em if you get accepted? 

[Gavroche frowns just slightly, before shaking it off]

Eh, streets'll do me. What would I want with one of those big places anyway? Learn more on the streets you do, can rule the city from there.

...Hope we get in.

[[OOC: *mun flail at accent. goes to rewatch* Canon is Les Miserables]]

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Gavroche is a fictional character from the novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo.


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